Fashion Tips In Wearing Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats are an excellent way to make a fashion statement. In addition, they can also be quite useful during the hot sunny weather and prevent you face from getting sun burns. There are a few features that make these hats unique.

western cowboy hats

These hats have a crown tip that is normally creased. It has a deep down the middle to give it the unique western look. However, there are different forms of creases that you can find. This can help you get a distinct appearance and also ensures that all the hats do not look similar. There are some with double creases while others have a single crease.

Certain Features and Characteristics

These have names that you can use to describe the kind you want when going for cowboy hats for sale. There is the cutter, cattleman, show crease, dakota and reiner among others. Most professionals know the names of each hat, but if you are not sure you can just take a picture along or give a detailed description.

The sideband of the hat is never plain. There are some that have a string tied around them to fall on the brim while others simply have a band of material. There are some which have a woven leather decoration placed here instead. These hats also come with a few decorations such as bows and sometimes even a buckle placed on the side. Instead of being circle, the sideband normally has an oval shape.

Cowboy hats get their characteristic looks from the shape of the brim. This is normally elongated at the front and at the back. This is why many people love to wear it during the sunny season. The long brim at the front keeps the harsh sun off the face. The edge of the brim also bends and normally dips towards the middle of the face and lifts at the edges. The same dip is replicated at the back to make it symmetrical.

Common Used Materials

Cowboy hats are available in different types depending on the shape and the material used to make them. One of the types includes those made from felt. These are normally worn during special occasions since they are deemed to be of higher quality. They are quite popular in modern fashion and they are available in different cowboy hat designs.

There are also those made from leather although these are not so common. One of the cheap cowboy hats you can get is that made of straw. This is very light and can be worn a lot without you getting tired. Since straw is also porous, it allows air to pass through easily so you can wear it throughout without sweating. Straw cowboy hats are popular among both men and women.

local straw cowboy hats

All these kinds of cowboy hats are best accessorized with jeans outfit and boots. The pair of boots complete the look and are also quite comfortable. They can be worn both in hot and cool weather indiscriminately. Ostrich boots are quite popular since they work well with the entire cowboy outfit.